Poem -

I'm in that some where my heart is to be taken

I’m in that zone where my heart is there to be taken.... I’m in that zone just waiting for someone to break me free of it,
That zone I want broken.
I’m not meant to lead a life alone,
Forever stuck in this looping time zone.
My thoughts and my feelings I know i must own,
When will someone right come along and take me out of this zone.
Feels like a forever loop, Dipping in and out as my feelings regroup.
They have been torn apart but on the way to recovery,
Just a mountain to climb as they come,
But it doesn’t matter,
As if I meet the right someone,
My heart will be lifted and taken out of this zone.
People keep saying to me β€˜love yourself first’ to that extent I have done,
My heart i feel is ready now to find my special one.
So bring on the future,
Let true love come!

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