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Even when I don't have a dime
And life's light seems not to shine
In His time,
He takes all that's mine
And all that's thine
And makes them fine

When things seem to go wrong
And life's ladder seems to be extra long
It is then I'll sing my song
Of how He was with me all along
And equipped me to be bold and strong
His words are true. He's never wrong

Even when Circumstances test faith
I'll stand firm. I won't be the devil's Bait
'Cos I know that if on Him I Wait,
I'd mount with wings as an eagle, So His word saith
And He'll work things out according to His Date
And finally pour me out blessings from Heaven's gate

The vision that God has given
And the things that He has planned,
May not happen right away
Or in ways that we understand

For often God's preparing us
For when that day arrives
When we will see the outworking
Of God's vision in our lives

Though it tarries, wait for it,
For it will surely come
God's timing never comes too late,
He'll accomplish what He's begun

You've got to know
He’s working things out
you've got to stand firm
in faith and not doubt.

You've got to press on,
through the ups and downs
you've got to keep trusting
till His answer resounds.

You've got to understand,
it’s all about His timing
you've got to hold on tight
while the answer He’s priming.

Sometimes God asks,
me to sit and wait
and I know it’s a topic
not up for debate.
For I know His timing,
is always the best
and He is holding back
so I will learn to rest.

Sometimes God's plans for me are impending
to see if on His timing, He’ll find me depending!

I have found God’s timing’s the best
on this fact I have come to rest.
For His plan is always the only perfect one
so I’ve learned to wait until He is done.
God’s timing can be so very slow
understanding why,we may never know.
God’s timing can never be wrong
and it’s up to us to keep our faith strong!

So bundle up your burdens,
All ye who are heavy laden
It might not happen all of a sudden,
But find rest in knowing
all is well IN HIS TIME



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Tony Taylor

Amen to that dear poet brother!!.....a resounding bravo for the exuberant & VERY creative stanzas you've woven together here to promote faith in God's vision for us all!!.......ALL STARS!!.... well done ELI !!.....and......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo.  : )