Poem -

In my self

I'm walking in my self,ruff, tuff,stuck,and raging with everything that keeps me blank,and dangerous.Blocked with my own hands I can not go no further till I put this to rest.i don't believe in everything but I don't claim to be right ,I try to gain comfort in collecting the knowledge needed to conversate on a topic I'm not antisocial I just have nothing to say.im not rude I just been through things I can't put into words that you would understand so I don't try to explain,dramatics and traumatic memories keeps me behaving like I'm ashamed a horrible story that no ears will hear a silent reason I keep in my head and one day I might break away..i have no point in what I just said and will say another way I'm walking in my self I'm stuck in my head I can see, hear ,and carry on like I'm no where,,I feel I must stay till I put this to rest