Poem -

In The Ghetto.

I live in a ghetto in the poor part of town.
Where people’s souls are never up but always down.
Over me always an unwelcoming dark cloud.
It is like I’m being wrapped in a dirty smelly shroud.
Everyday life is a chore.
I hate going out through my decrepit front door.
Outside the air is lung sickeningly stale.
All around peoples faces sickeningly pale.
This part of town is not a god fearing place.
From peoples minds all that god fearing stuff poverty did erase.
Equality in this world my sad poor eyes can not see.
From this dark unwelcoming cloud i just want to be free.

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Violet Freese

ooh ow.. this poem hurts and it weighs heavy and it makes me think in 
dark grey film over every thing.. but that is what you wanted I expect to convey the feeling of hopeless dead zone life that sucks the very marrow of decency out of ya. I can relate unfortunately. 
great write