Poem -


From visible to invisible

All I wanted was love
But them mob would gawk at me

My colour
My height
My weight
My ability
My "choice" in wear


Well, that changed
Law made it offensive
So no one saw me at all
It was as if I wasn't there

I couldn't work out
if it was from respect or fear
Or because they just didn't care

And so I asked for help
Told myself, "they don't mean it"

But instead I copped abuse again
And violence like when I was a kid
Them's the reasons I did what I did

All I wanted was to be known by a respected name
But instead I went from being [insert racial slur and/or other insult] to just a number

No longer the public punching bag
But still the victim of oppression
The butt of your sick joke
the scapegoat and the black sheep

Ever excluded from a type of 'humanity'
that wasn't good enough for me 

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