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Just specks of life floating through the universe
So vast and endless, pushing the boundaries of reality
Our insignificance proves an existential curse
Tethered to one planet among infinite by the will of gravity.

I can’t help but wonder the possibilities beyond
Life on Earth, our solar system, and the galaxy
A reflection of the night sky when I stare into the pond
And I realize the truth of existence, it’s brevity.

Like microscopic atoms upon the universe we tread
Unknowing of the phenomena that await us ahead
Because bomb blasts are nothing compared to solar flares
Raging fires from miles away that could singe our hairs.

Among us walk those who think highly of themselves
Humbled should they be by the might of a universe unparalleled
For the feat of a human is nothing compared
To a majestic being that best not be dared.


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