Poem -


Can't get no sleep...


If resurrection is real,
In my next life,
Or my last,
I must be a bat.
As at night,
Is when,
my body awakes,
Leaving my batteries,
 the next day,
Neigh on fully flat.
I’m nocturnal I’m sure,
Sleep walk ‘n' all,
I hate being tired in the days,
When I should be out,
in the sunshine Ray’s,
I’m just nocturnal, 
What can I say!

Insomnia is soul destroying,
Unfortunately it’s among many things,
In my body depleting. 
Tricking me into sleep,
To have my sleep apnea appearing,
Gasping for air,
Me awakening,
Then I’m back,
left counting sheep again....
This doesn’t work though,
So now food gets involved,
Pain relief too,
As my pain is always gaining,
And going through,
And beyond our tiled roof!

I Started this poem,
At 2AM this morning,
Before I tried the impossible,
By drifting off snoring.
To then be awake at 4am,
As nights darkness, 
 turns into a summers warm dawn,
Birds have already started their beautiful,
Melodic Morning song.
Glittering in the sunlight,
As their wings reflect it,
If caught at the right moment,
Your eyes won’t reject,
That sparkle,
So bright.
If caught in the right moment,
What a simple pleasure and delight...

So I crawled back into bed at 6.30am.
Thoughts of sleeping all day,
To be up by 1030 again.
I’ve only,
As always,
Just had a few hours sleep,
But I can’t help it,
When awoken in pain. 
I try to fall asleep,
Even though I know it’s all in vein,
How can I sleep?
Insomnia not letting me switch off,
I wish I could go into manual overdrive,
And lock my insomnia,
In the back of the attic,
Basement or loft,
As there,
Amongst all the forgotten things,
It’ll surely get lost!

I just want sleep.
But not In the day. 
Making me lose daylight,
Only catching half,
When the sun is out,
Giving off it's warm Ray’s...

Next night now,
Same time,
Same problem, 
Insomnia keeping me up,
From 2.30am,
My god but it drives you insane,
On a whole new level,
When I awake,
It’s groundhog day,
all over again,
From the lack of power.
No gain,
To be taken,
From me,
 as I’m just about sane,
Just hate it as it’s already,
Once again,
Taken control of my sleepless mind and brain!....

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