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It Wasn’t Love and It Wasn’t Lust

It wasn't love and it wasn't lust. It was just being in the moment with you that made it feel so real. So unique. So precious. It was like I was a part of you, a part of your spirit. Our hearts and mind connected in a way that felt like euphoria; and in those fleeting moments of ecstasy, I knew of no better feeling. Your soul danced with mine to a melody made purely of energy. Our chemistry created a magic unlike anybody other. 

While the world turns, our time together stands still. While the world perishes like a falling star through earths only atmosphere, it is within such a sacred moment, our eyes remain in tune, in sync with the beating sound of one another's heart. Your presence is drugs. Drugs may kill me but they'll never break my heart; and although what we do is bad in plain sight, it doesn't mean we are bad people at heart. 

I didn't know it could come to this. An experience so intense, so sensationally holy, as if the Heavenly Father himself entered our bodies. The most lucid host imaginable; took our only breathe away when our souls finally embraced one another. 

It was as if your soul itself was a life form. It looked at me like I was infinitely precious, it transferred such a kiss that devastates every sense that I have, it blessed me with a touch that completely unravels me. 

A feeling so overwhelming as if a spectre traversed my very existence, like flesh to the bone, the entity of our souls; cremated into the untainted, unconditional essence of utopian sanctity. Belonging in a cosmo; with nor without indefinite time, like an indiscriminate equinox of fervour, respecting only our parallel yearning of oblivion; and the infectiousness for one another’s substance; like the aura of Zion.

There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. I guess it was my fearless heart that attracted me to you. I believed in something and had faith in everything, and it was then I was blessed with a miracle; although it felt like everything was falling apart, I didn't realise it was really falling into place. You are a desire of mine which will destroy me in the end. 

It is with these series of unpredictable yet foreseen events, in which I realised we are living; rather then only existing in a time made only to end. The life may leave our lungs but our hearts will stay with each other; through the never ending illusion of time and space that consumes the immortality of life itself. 

Our spirits will be all that remains in a universe filled with ashes of the past. Although our physically given bodies shall be destroyed with the universe and it's unexplainable changes, the warmth, the light, the life of us both will always live on, as we embrace the next of our many un-foreseen journeys. 

We will rise towards the on going light at the end of the tunnel. Soon we will discover the true meaning of eternal happiness. We will forever be immortal in a light so pure you can't see beyond such sacred walls. Our destiny was determined by a force or presence so far out of our control. 

The path that's been given to us to follow will guide us to where we need to be. We will then come face to face with the most phenomenal, unknown, purest of creations.

 Our fossilised yet living souls shall venture into the doorway, a doorway to kingdoms bestowed specifically upon those; who prosper to transcend to what they truly are as their purpose foretold.

 The Kingdom we will forever belong to is still unknown to ones self, although ones consciousness of beliefs is unbreakable, the subconscious synchronicity of appointed prophecy, shall be fulfilled nor it shan’t be; until the next phenomenal phase of this unpredicted life; beyond the sporadic births of divine creation; as the horizon of all celestial prodigies dissolve; into the ultimate abyss of the ceaseless, unknowing of the unknowable; unknown.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Tiana....You have described such an intensity of attachment in this intimate experience...a love that's bond is indescribable, and yet you did a wonderful job of explaining its hold of obsession..where the world disappears and the focus is on just two, who (for whatever reason) are involved in something perceived as wrong, but the love is greater than the consequences of the union.  I love the feelings you express with original expressions through your words.  The physical connection seems to have sealed the memory and emotional connection forever.  I have on suggestion of correction....In your first opening paragraph you twice use the word "apart," when I believe you intended to say, "a part," because the word "apart" implies being separated and NOT together, when you intended to say "a part" as meaning included or with his spirit.  It is hard to write of such an intimate physical and emotional theme, but you did it here with integrity and honest revelation, making the reader a part of the experience .  I enjoyed. Keep up the good work!  xo ;)

Simon Bromley

Brilliant write, full of emotion and descriptive creativity.  Thoroughly enjoyed, you're very talented.