Poem -

It's a London thing

It's a London thing

Time is up to the London devil
Crack heads walking round the streets on another level
Trying to get a fix from the genie bottle
Kilos and ounces sold by forces
Police can't touch anyone there just wasting time
Crime on the rise London in demise
What is happening to this city of lights
One things for certain too many toy soldiers murderers and rapists when will we actually notice
Punch kick scream repeat
Grand theft auto on the London streets

Europeans coming in by the boatload before brexit withholds 
Wasting energy working for minimum wage 
What's the point in earning when the benefit system is working
Hustling is a thing of the past con men lurking in your inbox 
if you fell for the Nigerian scams your a disaster 
Pedophiles pretending to be pastors
Russian invasion with the deadly potion
This government can't put nothing in motion
Sadiq Khan standing on the sidelines
Notions of a dangerous mind
Storytellers from a dangerous time
Be like Craig David and rewind
Tuning into stoners 420
Skunk by the boatload yeah that's plenty
London smog green haze and fog
White lines and track lines crack pipes  and legal highs 

Take time to communicate
Engage or vacate
Fully functional road men
Until there hit up in the kerb again
31 murders and counting 
Catching bodies quicker than a regular
Getting life at 17 not so popular
Straight outta Compton more like straight outta Tottenham 
Scared to death to leave your manor
Bleeding begging poverty stricken
Wake up and look out your window
See what i see the devil is all around you
Is it a London thing or is it a tragedy waiting
What do you prefer Casualty or cell block d

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Hello Chris...

Welcome to Cosmo!

Sounds like America aka United States of...

How much is the wait and see mentality over there?

Here, it's a thing people maintain seriously...

We tolerate so much carp and wonder we're in this predicament...


Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy oh yeah and everyone's a Romance Novelist or a Satan worshipper...

Welcome to the Land of milk and honey...

They just left out the part where things turn sour...

Great awareness write!

Thank you for sharing...




Chris May

Thank you!!!
your writing is awesome!

Wayne Stubbs

Absolutely brilliant 👏👏👏 love this!! For the obvious wrong reasons, things are getting so bad now,
this is a great awareness write 👏👏👏

Chris May

Thank you Wayne really means a lot. And yes things are getting out of control now.

Nigel Cresswell

Chris, I went to uni at the Tottenham campus of middlesex not long after Broadwater Farm. From a distance now I watch what is unfolding in London and it breaks my heart. This is a fantastic write, I hope you do the north London spoken word circuit. look forward to reading more. 

Chris May

Thank you for the kind words. I am really new to poetry what is the spoken word circuit?

Nigel Cresswell

Various pubs and other venues hold spoken word open mic nights and it's a case of checking your local area. I do know that the poetry cafe in Covent Garden holds regular events  They are a great way of gauging an instant response