Poem -

It's Time for Peace

Stop all this dividing

It's Time for Peace

Woe to those
who do not know
Odin and Wadd,
Rudra and Woden
are one:
That Michael warrior,
young man Svein
Shepherd at the helm;
ship's coxswain captain
guiding us on
to many mansions

Judah's roar
Yet kind Suen,
soothing as the moon
Blessing with shalom
those within the orbit
of divine covenant
Perfect in sabbath
Seven eyes to see
Te/Ti/Dei Shub
Deyus Pater

Victor over the Chaos
Leader of Marduk (Maruts)
who peirced Diti's womb

Like Kingu/Pingu
and Hanuman
but greater

at the cross of time
a giant crater


that churns reverse
the cosmic elixir;
breaks the curse
Sheba's liberation
For the slaves of Ebla
and of Egypt too
when Moses saw the fire
of MahaDev, Great Theos
Lord of Sinai, Zion and Ziphon

Ya Hovah
Ea Shivas
Who destroys oppression
does away with sin
Loki's key, he

loosens the bonds
that confine--within
and without--
his holy Name:
that image in his blood
that dances upon shame;
Inscriber of the flower of life
Who casts out unclean spirits
with the finger of Elohim
(the ilu-minating light),
and tames death
Yet rejuvinates Creation
with his heavenly breath

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Cherie Leigh

Amen, Al...I love your reverence to God and the history you present...very honoring. xo  

al Bikaadi

Thank you for your kind comments. 😄❤xx

Tony Taylor

WOW!!.... excellent work here my friend...... Laying it all down so poetically is a difficult undertaking but you have done it beautifully here......I LOVE the closing lines and all the different references to Gods and Spiritual leaders...... it's Very impressive..... that reference to Marduk? ~ is that the Marduk from the Sumerian texts that almost point toward the Anunnaki hierarchy?...... Regardless, a truly compelling piece my friend!!........ALL STARS & PINNED!!....... Bravo AL!!....... stay groovy brother!!....... Peace n Stuff!!    T :)

al Bikaadi

Although worship under all these names became corrupted (as happens with all religions once they become politicized), especially that of Marduk, there is a common thread that links even the latter with the Marut warriors of Vedic literature. Research has shown that the use of Sanskrit vocabulary is found in the area around Armenia before it entered India. Hence, from there worship of God (Deyus Pater) spread to the west in names like Theos, Zeus, Tiwas, Tishub; to the south in names like Suen, On, Sin, Zion, as well as Sheba and Heba; and to the east in names Shiva and Deva (which is where we get the English word "divine"). These divine names all share a common ethnology system that goes back to something cosmic that happened sometime between 12000 and 9500 BCE (linking Gobekli Tepe and myths of Alantas or what have you). There is only one God but humans have drawn diverse pictures of their Papa, who despite their crude renderings is ultimately "The Father of heavenly light in whom there is no shadow or crookedness"