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I've finally found that sweet balance in life

Valentine's poem...

I've finally found that sweet balance in life,
No more the scales weigh against me,
No more constrictiveness from an overbearing wife.
I’m finally happy now,
With nothing around me to cause me harm or in my hazy world strife.
Happiness is now shining truly from within,
Causing the most amazing of flutters inside,
A new butterfly,
with each new found feeling.
We connect and come together like strawberries and cream,
Since meeting you,
You’ve been my valentine dream.
You’re gorgeous inside and out,
And you’ve snared me.
I’m lucky though as you’re the most bewitching, 
Beguiling and beautiful of women about.
You prove it everyday in every way,
So in that you see,
I’ve not even the smallest seed of doubt.
In my book of life,
I’m now near the beginning of chapter 35.
Its strange as it has taken so long for me to feel this alive.
Well other than the 3 Ray’s of sunshine that are there,
Every sunset and every sunrise,
My 3 gorgeous and handsome little guys,
They are so amazing just taking everything in their stride.
But you shimmer,
You shine,
You sparkle and glimmer.
You being my valentine makes me feel like I’m a #winner!
So bring on the fun that the race track brings,
So please bring your luck,
So we can go home with hundreds of winnings!
Lose or draw..
It doesn’t matter, 
As long as our first valentine,
Is in your memories forever store.
Before the fun at the races,
Hearing how each of the betting booths sings,
Shouting the odds for the dogs that all run at different speeds,
Different paces,
We’ll have a stroll along the promenade,
Hopefully winning teddies in the amusements, 
Even though is just luck and is awfully hard.
Ice cream in hand,
on a blustery winter beach with our socks and shoes off,
Burying our feet in the icy cold sand,
Letting the arctic feeling water envelope us there where we stand.
But that’s ok as I’m a little mad.
I would do Anything to make you smile,
As I would never want you sad.
I just want our first valentine memories,
As with all of them,
To be the best you’ve ever had!
So yes,
I believe I’ve found that sweet balance in my life,
Still with struggles,
Still with strife,
But full of smiles and happiness,
Full of love and joy,
Not just in mine but also your life.
Full of everything you’d expect,
When two hearts are so eager to love and connect.
To entwine and care for eachother,
In this life and then the next 

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Being Me

Awww....I hope you read this poem to her. It is a real heartfelt love poem x

james bevan

thank you as was meant from the depths of my heart. Shes brought a 5th reason for survival and beating my cancer... in her own words just now, my beautiful partner, said '' I'm totally blown away '' 😊🤗🥰😍 so am glad she liked it x

Being Me

Wow! I am happy for you 😁 x