Poem -

‘Jotting ditty days’

‘Jotting ditty days’

Ahhhh I have writer’s block today
It’s totally testing me
I’ve got a ‘Vacant vessel’
my brain has blanked you see

Though I try my damndest
I’m sat in a cloud of fuzz
I really need some inspiration
to blitz my brainstorm with a buzz

This happens to me now & then
tho it’s a nuisance & a pest
I usually stop jotting ditties
to give my mindset a well-earned rest

Then ‘abracadabra’ there comes a spark
An idea floating in my head
As I’ve woken up in the morning
before I get out of my bed

My egghead is just a hollow hole
it’s imagination has shrinked to thin
I need to refill it with inventiveness
then shove the plug back in

Come what may I will wait a while
In anticipation with endeavor
I sincerely hope it does come back
unless my ‘Jotting ditty days’
are gone forever :(


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