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June 2nd, 2020 - Pennsylvania rescheduled primary voting day

June 2nd, 2020 - Pennsylvania rescheduled primary voting day

(alternately titled: Whew...
so glad I chose absentee/ mail-in ballot),
and agitate (poetically)
November presidential election
brings requisite equality.

Unforeseen (unprecedented)
stiff competition with protesters
crowdsourced within major
Pennsylvania metropolitan areas
necessitating president
to confront inconvenient truth
he (whom even
Voldemort would not name)
must trumpet forth progressive
unilateral talks addressing:

non discriminatory racist practices,
crippling endowed freedoms
(life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness)
denied those who identify as "black"
far to long sabotaged opportunities
to experience unfettered, (albeit invisible)
shackles that unfairly deliberately punish
(brownie points given) those
who destroy innocent lives without impunity
warrants radically kickstarting

revolution, which catalyst
can augment and implement investment
within marginalized populations,
thru courtesy and gerrymandering
disenfranchisement and gerrymandering

impose unfair disadvantages
linkedin to actual and physical enslavement
since encroachment of Europeans
into the heart of darkness (Africa)
ripped apart (rent asunder)
fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters
subjecting violence against indigenous tribes
after uprooting worthy zealots
regarding their own gods
forcibly chaining men,

women and children
blithely lacerating
for most minimal infraction
commanding them gratis
an unfamiliar language.

Countless generations elapsed
whereby Negro people
forced servitude did witness
recurring admirable bounteous mutiny
(ofttimes witnessing savage revenge

at the hands of cruel master)
many occasions leaving for dead
lovely bones once constituting
strong, muscular and agile fellow man
(thank genetic circumstance

donned his/her skin ebony)
endowed with motto
give me liberty, or give me death
emancipation proclamation
announced postbellum,
yet poor living conditions

disallowed, discouraged, disenchanted...
former slaves imposing inherited hardships
prevailing today, where
white supremacist enemies
and bigots in general, particularly one
who occupies white house

Yes folks, an altruistic Joe (biden his time)
must be elected as catalyst ushering major reforms
whereby cooperation among rainbow coalition,
cuz peace on Earth and goodwill
toward all men/women haint impossible mission!

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