Poem -

KARENA corona

'because it has to be said'...

Trust and obey
but don't join the fray
The Cash Cow is not
gunna save the day
Nor is the Media
that has you enslaved
But the One we can trust
who really can save
To the war machine
He said, "Pay no head"
Nor to the fear mongering
of the vampire creed
They're an evil Seed
thriving on your bleed
to feed their greed
"Sheeple and lemmings"
that's how they see you
Numbers and games
not really as people
Let alone as treasures
of divine handiwork
They'd sell you on eBay
with a laugh and a smirk
And I don't like it one bit
how they've wrapped you around
You've fallen for it
and now are hitting the ground
Banks have you by the balls
have you tied up in chains
And the idiot box
It has switched off your brains
It's so depressing
It's just so sad
How the soulless elite
have made y'all raving mad
It's a zombie apocalypse
a hunger games race
With you looking pathetic
toilet tissue on your face
When was the last time you ate
a right healthy meal
Or talked to a neighbour
with a heart that's real
They've locked you in a zoo
turned you into animals
It's a clinical lab
experimenting on you
as if you're nothing but mammals
I'm embarrassed to confess
we are the same species
It's like saying my cousin
is consisting of feces
Could I really share with you
the same DNA
"It makes me want to vomit"
I regrettably say

But I must not be condemning
I have my sins too
We have different weaknesses
me and you

Still, can't you unplug
just for one hopeful day
And regain your senses
and perhaps even pray
for things like...you know
Wisdom and such
and common sense
and sound minds...

It doesn't take much
Just follow true Master
who's offered his Spirit
Step on world's lying serpent
and no more fear it
Look to the heavens
Shift your views about man
Live in the peace
of The Great Big I AM
Stop trusting in wolves
to feed you the gold
This joke that's on you
is getting old
If only you knew
if you'd listen and see
that God's righteousness
is the only fee
that can set you free
And no you can't afford it
It's not loaned by no bank
You'll have to surrender
your shitty life to be frank
But trust me from this angle
Seeing your sex, drugs and booze
And OCD and depression and loneliness
You've got nothing to lose
With Jesus there's a reality that lasts forever
Real estate you can count on
not pie in sky dream
Unlike your mortgage on the "never never" scheme
Enough of the monkey games
and playing rats in a cage
You must get off the round-a-bout
Start to feel the rage
You've been robbed
and it's been long enough
Time for your sprite
to toughen up
I don't mean to go militant
It's nothing like that
Just start to live selflessly
and lose all the fat
Your worldly possessions
have been weighing you down
Drop them now
and reach for your crown
It has your name on it
Held in hands long a while
In front of a voice that's been whispering
"I love you my child"
You're not a commodity
You are God's design
Stop jumping when they say jump
And living like you're blind
You have eyes and ears
Use them for God's sake
Break out of the Matrix
Your soul is at stake

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