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Kitty’s Advent Calender

Kitty’s Advent Calender

I can smell something scrumptious, purr..fectly nice
Can that waft from up above possibly be as nice as mice ?
Tho I hunt for a hint trying to trace this fishy smell..my senses are leading me to a place I know so well
Hanging precariously, dangling from the Christmas tree, as I climb up branch by branch multifariously.. a square shaped box full of small windows and doors, I grab this awkward obstacle in my eager, sharp paws

Giving it a yank it drops heavily on the ground.. I need to scrutinize this further, this mysterious object that I’ve found..but Oh how my senses are on overdrive, an odour of Mackerel making me so alive.. turning the box the right way around , scratching with my claws, making a shrill, shrieking sound.. I am past the point of rescue as I force open a little door, cardboard clenched between my claws lying in heaven on the sitting room floor

Wow that was a fur-tunate feline, purr-haps I shall scrape ajar another door.. this fanciful fishiness is so fur-miliar, paw-some plaything for my appetite tho a trifle peculiar.. a furr-ever purr-fect memory, I shall never furr-get this purr-ty, mew-sic to my ears.. a claw-ver advent calender.. litter-ally the best ever Kitty’s present.. ‘Cheers’

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Cherie Leigh

Lol....Christmas fun through a cat's point of view...purrrrrfectly playful. xo ;)

Jill Tait

Haha my daughters cat pic lol xxx