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Last call for Nicky...

Last call for Nicky...

That place I was in, I had to leave, that town had shed it's sun. It was time for me to pack my bags, you'd lost...but you thought you'd won.
There was nobody left out there, that village contained just two...two ghosts that wandered a deserted place...those ghosts were me and you.
I waited for you at the station side, my coffee had gone cold,
I'd been waiting there impatiently, the time was growing old.
I looked for you down the overgrown path which led to the station gate, I didn't really want to leave, I never leave a mate.
But you had made me wait too long and I could here the carriage arrive, I turned around just one last time before I said goodbye.
The tannoy announced for me to board this empty souless train, I looked once more, you wasn't there...my interest started to feign.
It was time for me to leave that place, I wasn't coming back, I just wanted some distance away from you...right down those steel cast tracks.
So goodbye Nicky, I'm Duncan again and on to pastures new and I'll never look back down that track again..cos all I'll see is you.

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David Roberts

Poem is about my best friend who has been messed about for the past year and half. Me and other friends have watched him struggle, but the past two weeks he has finally woken up to everything and seen what we have seen. So good stuff to my best friend x