Poem -


The sleeping bag remains from the night before 
There it lays on the dirty pavement floor 
It looks to me someone slept there last night 
Crumbled in a heap it looks a terrible sight 

I wonder where the owner of the sleeping bag is today
Maybe begging for a meal outside a shop doorway 
Perhaps they are looking for a new fixed abode
Somewhere less busier on a quieter road 

The sleeping bag will remain for this I guarantee
All the time I'm grateful it doesn't belong to me 

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Kieran...I like the empathy expressed in this....worrying about a homeless person who does not know day to day where they will sleep....It is an atrocity that we STILL have people displaced and living like this....It makes me so sad and motivated to try to help.   Great awareness write. xo