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Let the kids play

Let the kids play

Kids in the park at play
They do not judge in anyway
They don't distinguish
By race, colour or faith
All they want is just to play
And have some fun
So when does this change
Who teaches them to go separate ways
And decide to judge others as different from them
Who is it that instills this in them in the end
Who posits this life of pretence
To believe in any form of separation and division
Is a foolish person
Those who teach children about racism
As being a good thing surely lacks wisdom
And probably lacks self belief
To teach kids this stupid belief
That race, colour and faith matter at all
All kids want to do is play happily
Without barriers to impede
If we can stop kids straying from this
If we can teach them at all costs to resist
Those ignorant people who try Infecting their brains
With the stupid ideas that we are not all the same
Let the kids play and retain
The simple idea that we are all equal and the only thing to fear
Is those who try to separate and seek to divide
Let kids play in a way that unites
Stop polluting their minds with you ignorant shit
A kids pure mind is to be worshipped
And we could all learn so much from the mind of a child
Living happy and united and free running wild
And enjoying life in an innocent way
So leave the child to play
And encourage them to stay that way
Through every age
And peace will then follow
As we unite everyday
And throw the old ideas right away
And all just because we allowed the kids to play
Without trying to alter or change
The belief that we are all one
That we are all the same.

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Thank you very much for reading and appreciating and for your continued support of my work. Faux

Cherie Leigh

Amen!  We all love, bleed, and feel.....Our children perceive their world from what they see in examples of adults....and that is why it is so important that we show them how to love others....Children can teach us so much with how open they are to accepting others.....Great theme....xo Love n Hugs


Thank you for your wise words and for reading and appreciating. Faux