Poem -



this pin in the inkblot 
has my name, but your features.
i reach behind me to sing
and the noise that gathers
has no voice, other than 
Sirens, breathing.
we lurch to the advance.
but we cascade to the low point
of why I love you....
then sink below -
Why, You might Love me ?
if you take into account
how many words
were spoken....

then you account
for the silence between

and the 
Love we 
on ?

till we burst...


i was one of those things that had no hands.
then I loved " someone " and the moving dart
of rain came down to the center of my drooling loss-
where the heart of my campaign...
still had your name... and a headful of steam
for the Doldrums and the Illness
of loving completely.  


Tomorrow is no curse
if I am finding you
at last
like a blind search.
the first thing
a revelation
that Life is 
Real -and not


and the next - thing
a simple clarity
that  we

as you seek from a dream 
that you kill. ~ to sustain
the very wants
that you

but you won't.
but you 

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Cherie Sumner

Hi August...Love can certainly surprise and change one's life....Motivate in unpredictable ways as your write feels in tone...Enjoyed. xox Cherie

August Arps

I hate this poem. It's not Done. It's Not Polished. And It is fathoms shy of where I was going ! But per usual here at Cosmofunnel, I could not delete it after iI went public with it ! The edit feature is just fine... but I want to erase it and come again with it... Later. This site won't admit that poets make mistakes, and won't give us the tools to rectify any of them to our liking. I am appalled that I have to settle for this drek i vomited, and furthermore, i am dissuaded from posting another thing. Why is editing so hard here, on this site ? Why must I misrepresent myself ?

Thank You  for liking what came across; but know this.... I was not pleased and saw a myriad of errors that I could not correct in one sitting, but it was too late.... and the tools available, too cumbersome.

I am very upset, to say the very least. 

Neil Anthony

A). This is the best poem I've read in some time. Actually moved to tears, and if you knew me, you'd realize the impossibility of this, yet, I was.

B). To erase a thing on here you must simply exchange it. Edit title, text, picture, everything. Replace it with something else altogether. I realized this, to my horror, when, somehow, a piece i had edited showed up four times in four slightly different versions. Turned that into, the one i wanted to keep, and three I hadn't put up yet. 😎

   Awesome write, vomited or not.


August Arps

Well... Thank You Neil Anthony. I kept at it and tweaked the poem to my satisfaction. But a simple "Delete" button, would be GREATLY Appreciated. Just drives me nuts. Love the poem now... but damn...

Anyhoooooo ~ Thanks again for your kind consideration of the work. Made me smile.

Neil Anthony

Thank you August. Made me smile as well.

Delete button would be awesome.

Christopher Correia

hey, August, I love this poem, read it a few times until it spoke, I'm too dumb to understand all that it's saying, but it has a healthy heartbeat and has something important to say; perhaps about 'obsession' or relationships in general....excellent poetry