Poem -


Has left many scars upon my soul 
but life continues on life is
meant to be lived to the fullest 

Jesus is my fortress and my safe haven
no doubt there are many pitfalls in this day and age

one can only try there best to succeed there are many things 
that I am aware of that should I say impact my curiosity 
in life I am not young any more I am half way through  life

so I should have gained wisdom by now which I have
my point is life changes people change and life goes on
you must go on as well amen.

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Linda...Life is unpredictable and brings both joys and pains .....sorrows mixed with ecstasy...and it is in faith we find hope in all scenarios we encounter...knowing there is a great plan in place...xo ;)


Thanks Cherie linda