Poem -

Lifes Abstract Question---Rips

I see you Gather all you can
Rose and white
swirling in amazed delight
blades sharp from the moons shine
glitter in deaths ocean kind
and I reach outside that wealth
carried before a burning health
eastern western blown in a gale

I brought before a mast to sail
broken bones in salty spit
crushed a word spat with wit
alone beneath the surface far
he cries for more
and lessΒ  is too far

She counted the frail age
it seemed stitched on her frame
bogus clown stole her virginal frown
and on a river road
a horse rode to be thrown

Each Dark barking howl
bled into nights vicious scowl
reason if it allows
must watch each Christ eat the vows

Crow speak
tell me news
who will devour this soul I view
for time has struck
against an open door
another place
another floor

Gather all you can
this vessel has birthed the plan

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Tony Taylor

Holy Crap!! TERRY!!...... Haven't read you for a while......I gotta say you NEVER cease to impress my friend....... this is a STELLAR write filled with amazingly creative phrasing!!.......PINNED!!......smokin' grooves!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧✴❀
Ps......I play that song ALL the time...... one of my all time faves!!
~ Talking Heads ~

terry terri ZO

Thanx Tony--nice to hear from you xx-yes I have always been in love with Tina Weymouth--hope your great xxx

terry terri ZO

Thanx again your Royal Darkness your more than kind xx