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Awakening, she found she was still dreaming
Still sleeping a lavender-lidded sleep
The delicately constructed purgatory
Between being asleep and just being
Began to make some sense....

Then, in a tiny burst of cloud-like upheaval
Her mind shattered the roof of glassy conception
She sat straight up in her bed
She swore in an intimate prayer
That she'd tasted being dead....

That she'd been reborn into Life's Dance
A kind of symbiotic ballet of truthful romance
Facing a wall of force-fed comprehension
A mini-minuet between elegance and tension
A most dazzling display of lights in the darkness
With shining blades, sizzling into sharpness...

She swore, never again ~

Never again would she take for granted
The gift of wonder found in sleep supplanted
By the watchful eye in Life's Dance
By the wisdom found in taking a chance
By the restorative nature of morphing scenes
Or, the genius of Life's Dance, found in her dreams...

Tony Taylor

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Jill Tait

Lovely and dreamy luvit Life’s Dance 💙❤️

Cherie Leigh

Hi T....I love this place between awakening and sleep...where images stand out and play in the mind....where the subconscious mind allows us to take chances and experience those things that are on our heart...and maybe live them out in reality from inspiration....Every line has an instance of that life's dance that gives vivid imagery....Great work T.  I have used that same picture in a poem before because it has that exuberant feeling....Love n Hugs, C xo  


Hi Tony,

I really enjoyed this piece. It reminds me of the restful night's sleep that I'm now getting since I ditched the alcohol.

A most dazzling display of lights in the darkness
With shining blades, sizzling into sharpness...

Beautiful writing.

Hope you're keeping well. It's been a while... Take care  - Syd xo 

Terry Kay

Tony,  Hope life has been good to you.  Love your brilliant mind at work. Wisdom found in taking a chance!  Love that line....that's life huh. Love, Terry Kay

Marion Price

You have described perfectly that delicious half sleep when reality and unreality merge and the physical is relaxed and it is the most fabulous feeling that you know you don't ever want to wake from...brilliant 💕

Larry Ran

My Dear Tony,

In that moment of semi-consciousness
Just before she woke
She wasn't sure if she was dreaming
Then her Soul to her heart spoke

"You are very precious"
"Worthy of true romance"
"Soon you'll find your Soulmate"
"When you learn the steps to ""Life's Dance"""

Love you Bro,
Larry xxx