Poem -

Like a feather

Like a feather

She is feeling okay at this moment in time
creating poetry is her thing
tho she only does it in rhyme

Her life is passing her by
like a feather blowing in a breeze
yet that feather is still around caught on a branch in the trees

This woman isn’t anyone in particular
she is just a face amidst a crowd
tho within her own imagination 
she is a beautiful bird soaring thru a cloud

Nowadays she uses 
her imagination an awful lot
When her mind wanders off 
and almost loses the plot

But this is nothing to fret about
she adores this feeling
When it makes her heart flutter
in her dilly dally daydream reeling

Coz there’s no time to be lonely
in her little world of romance
It is just herself only
lost in her head of happenstance

I know everything about this person
She is like an open book you see
yet it is impossible for her to hide anything
because that person is me

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Cherie Leigh

Hello Jill...You are a special person, and I am grateful to read your imaginative tales and interpretation of life...You are always inspiring....I love how you made this about yourself as a poet in your view....very cool!  xo Love n Hugs 

Jill Tait

Awwww so chuffed you enjoy
my stuff ❤️❤️❤️