Poem -

Like a fire Phoenix

Like a fire Phoenix,
From the ashes I will arise...

Whether it be with wings ablaze from the ferocious fierce fires eyes,
Taking my life,
My end,
My demise...
Or like a Fire Phoenix,
From the ashes I will arise!
Take flight and lead,
With my boys and family,
Happy days chocablock full of amazing memories,
Full of happiness and love,
Not forgetting unity!
Less struggle,
Less strife,
Less threat from my ticking time bomb inside,
Set to go off at any point of my life! 
In my mind,
My cancer within,
Is non existent like out of space aliens.
The Drs are wrong I for myself to say,
They have been before,
So why not those day.
Not me,
But my boys and family must need a break,
Dealing with me with the dreaded cancer,
Must be hard to take..
My boys though,
Just like me,
Don’t see my cancer being the end of my time,
The 4 of us just get on In life,
Like everything is fine,
Each day is for living,
In this upside down,
Type of world of mine.
We own it,
We live it,
Like having no outter limits.
I can’t help wonder though,
If my kids brave faces,
Are just for show?
Deep in their minds,
Is what I want to know.
They must be scared and they must have fears?
Do they open up to their closest of peers?
I wish I was one of those spiritual seers!
I worry that inside they are broken,
Continual worry,
 about my life being taken.
They smile and have a tough seeming exterior shell,
I just hope their interior isn’t wrecked as it’s hard to tell.
So like a Fire Phoenix,
We shall all arise from the ashes,
Fly off into the sunset and making sure our feathers reflect the suns Ray’s great flashes,
Lighting up our world,
With no more life threatening clashes

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