Poem -

Like you are in rain

Like you are in rain

when you no longer dance​​​​
with me on memories in flight

like stars on a sea of waves
in night became a moment splash

when leaves falls on snowey white
crumble to its means

And you chill wondering
where i am
in pockets full of a wonderous life

Then you may feel the love i gived

Like the moon kissing the sky in
its enlight
Now tell me...what have i so missed....in my fragile words

Fantaisies now looks upon
your mind
of me loving thee for a loving time

Now i look upon the skin
as i to feel

this moment fills
of only chills

again i am only loving you
as rainfall
on this moon of call.....to dance.


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Cherie Leigh

HI Lorris....It is in reminiscing that we can feel that special love that touches us.....Lovely words. xo ;) 

Lorris Morris

Thank you Lorna....haven't seen you here for awhile.

Icarus Flocke

I deeply admire both the content, and overall Style
of this work.

I get the same feeling when i'm reading
the greats.

Lorris Morris

Icarus.....thank you man really appreciate it peace to you