Poem -

Listen to the Whistle in the Trees

Listen to the Whistle in the Trees

Did I tell ya what I heard?

....”what was it that you heard”?

It was a whistle in a tree..
Sounds like a bird..

“Come outside,
 I show you were it was..” 

It’s a bird in the tree!..

There! ...
That what it was!..

See that’s what i heard...
Listen ..
It’s not a bird !..,

It’s the trees that we heard ..

Look up that’s what it was 
It’s not a bird in the tree,... 

It Was the wind that we heard..

‘‘Twas a gust
In the trees”

Thats what we heard 

....Not a bird..

Just a wind in the trees....
“The trees in the wind is what we heard”


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Hello Edward...

I wonder how many times I whistled thinking I heard a bird but, it was the wind?

Nature's trickery...


Great write!

Thank you for sharing...



Cherie Leigh

Hi Edward.....The mind can play tricks on how we interpret things.  I live with the woods all around my house, and when you step out on our back deck on the second level, I swear it looks and feels like you are sitting in a tree house...It is the coolest thing...and I love the sound of the wind in the trees whistling.  The birds singing too is a peaceful sound....but I have never confused the whistling wind for their calls...lol  The mind is our sensory discerner in life....that makes us aware of our world.  Thanks for sharing this interesting take.  xo ;)

Edward Williams

Thank you Cherie I think the winds in the trees was confidences .. it’s about finding ones self and also awareness of wildlife destruction as the birds are harder and harder to find.... acually it puts me in mind of the Australian night parrot I’m gona put that as the picture...

Edward Williams

I was acually laughing at the fact that you can’t really ..write ..the sound of nature 😂..When I wrote this .. but i tried lol
thanks so much for reading