Poem -

Little Girl Why So Blue

Little girl why so blue
Why so much hurt
Why doesn't your smile reach your eyes
Such pretty brown eyes
That hold so much tears still left to shed
Little girl why so blue
What happen to your dreams
What happen to your heart
Why so dark 
Clouded with doubt and uncertainty
Little girl why so blue
Is there any hope left inside of you
Was its life harsh realities
Or was it a heart broken to many times 
Was it because maybe you never really learned how to truly love yourself
Or maybe you loved someone else to much
Little girl why so blue
Why do you hide
Are you scared that no one will love the real you
That no one will understand your truths 
The secrets that you hold
How you almost took your life 
Maybe too many times to count
Identity unknown
Little girl why so blue

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If i loose let it be the view of others nit mine.. Im doing really good ok.. All of me yes there's pain. But u no were it comes from. But u no there's more love hete than hate.. Mine frustration. Yours? Vrey good poem .. I loved it.. . very stronh

Tony Taylor

Hey STORM!!......a poetic melancholy...... that leaves a VERY strong impression!!......ALL STARS.... well done dear poet sister!!..... and..... WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE and ROCKETS!!......T xo 👍👍👍🎇🎇❤😊


Read it again.. Really like this peace.. Like cant describe how it relates.but those.