Poem -

Live Today

Today is another sunny day 
Another day to rejoice and play 
The flowers has bloomed and everyone is in tuned
With their self and life
Running around saying "I'm sugar and spice and everything nice"
LOL... Let's be for real what life is that
Some of us are wishing we can bring our childhood life back 

No more hurt,pain and let's not forget bills 
wow!!! Thinking of the past brings back so many chills
Mama cooking morning breakfast, evening brunch and late night lunches
Brother and Sisters playing taking each other punches
Daddy yelling you guys sit your butt down
While mama saying all you do is frown
Find you something to do clown
Those were the days when you didn't have to be so tough
But now it's time to face reality and WAKE THE F**K UP    

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Tony Taylor

Hey REGINA!!....a compelling piece of poetic prose with an interwoven rhyme scheme that seems to be just below the surface as you read along..... conveying all those early memories and lovely reflections with a fine sense of rhythm and timing ~

            ~ "Daddy yelling, you guys sit your butt down
                While mama's saying all you do is frown
                Find you something to do you clown..."

I think most of us can completely relate!!.......ALL STARS!!..... well done dear poet sister!!...... and......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!
Ps. I have a cousin named Regina Taylor.... so glad you're here!!..... smiles 🐧❤


regina taylor

Hello Tony Taylor!!! Thanks so much for the comment. This is my first time feeling comfortable enough to post anything but i love the feedback on what you have stated. This relaxes me alot so i will continue on learning what i need to improve and sharing my thoughts with you guys on here. Tell your cousin Regina is a beautiful name which means queen so tell Queen Taylor to embrace her name. Thanks again❤❤

Wilford Barker

All smiles Regina...
i revisit my mommy'  kitchen in Guyana South America often... if only in my mind..
Mommy is gone now 9 years ago...
Talking about the good old days... lol
Then the day comes when responsibility knocks... and reality rules... 
welcome to life.
i enjoy your work and is looking forward to more from your pen.
God bless.