Poem -

living a life of pure eternal bliss

 Sitting here watching as my whole world falls,
Crumbles and depletes..... Sitting here watching as I hit control,
Alt and my life deletes...

My world.
My thoughts.
My raw and intense feelings, As my roots bind and curl, Letting my fate unfurl....
No longer will I sit here waiting.
No longer will I sit with myself and about my life,
simply debating...
no more self loathing,
self hating....
Instead of a frown,
wake in the morning with a smile,
a smile that you can carry with you,
all the time,
all the while...
obstacles in your life?
In your own way,
Hurdle over them.
Even if a drag,
you have to hurdle over, everyday.
Just smile and each obstacle will be easier that way.
smile and each obstacle, starts to rot,
starts to decay....
so I’m sitting here,
with a smile upon my face, cherishing each day that I’m still here and in this lifes race. My finish line is far not near, So now to take it at a steady pace.
I’ve had my boys,
They make me smile from ear to ear,
They take me to my happy place.
With them by my side,
Forever and more we will eternally cheer,
As our lives bring us another of our cherished years....
I’m sitting here laughing,
With this smile upon my face, as my life's not full of death, but completely full of grace! No more talk of depleting,
No more talk of my life, control,
Alt and deleting.
No more shall I shed a tear.
No more losing my life I fear.
No more thinking I wont be here,
into next year.
Just thoughts of future happiness,
With my kids,
my loved ones and my friends.
Living a life of pure eternal bliss! 

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