Poem -

Living for the weekend

Suddenly startled, feeling dismayed
Glancing at the alarm clock
Six a.m is displayed

Monday morning blues
Feeling emotionally distressed
I’d stay in bed if I could choose
Reluctantly get dressed

Tip-toeing down the ‘Apple & Pears’
Family is ‘In the land of nod’
Catching bus number sixty four
Climbing double decker stairs

Arrival into city center
Bustling strangers in their bubbles
Each carrying unique thoughts
Happiness & troubles

Office door is ajar, 
Daily routine begins again
Computing data for the
It pays the bills, tho tis a pain

Robotically programmed 
Sitting staring at the screen
Auditing accounts, confidential, not to be seen

Glancing at the circular 
Clock upon the wall
Almost two hours remain
Thankfully, not long at all

Its carbon copy routine everyday
But its an essential way of earning
Quite a good job
One might say

Monday until Friday
Eight O’clock till five thirty
Whilst the computer gives me headaches
I don’t get my hands dirty

Rollon Friday, only two days to go
Monday through till wednesday
Laboured so monotonously slow

Ultimately it is Friday
Can’t wait to see my girlfriend
My thoughts  are constantly
‘Living for the weekend’


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