Poem -

Living on the streets๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

Living on the streets

What a squanderer
Living in the gutter
Feeding from bins
Wasted cash on a flutter

Gambling addiction
left him in this despair
With his scruffy appearance
Matted, greasy long hair

He sleeps on the streets
Wrapped only in rags
With his entire possessions
By his side in two bags

Destitute with nowhere to go
He is in his own bubble
Whilst constantly keeping lookout
Incase of any trouble

It isnโ€™t healthy, nothing nice
In a sleeping bag outdoor
Continually using the begging bowl
It is necessity to implore

But that is his cards , dealt for him
He knows no other way
He will survive the best he can
Untill his dying day