Poem -

Lost and found

Sneaky pass

Lost and found

put away the curse...
cuz your tears will fly
and your heart will burst 
assuring the fear in your pass 
is again yours.  

the scenes can't keep the act forever
if all that portrays is killed,
then the scenery becomes whenever
the reliving of impact just to reenact panic forever. 

if love had to go, 
And bare the cold,
it will do it.
"all alone"
till it's long,
And very old
to know more ..
to now what....?

Heads spinning and hearts turning
The Sheets blew breeze that passion was dying.

A fatal front
Of All the sky..

Is of mostly clouds,
With not one that hides.

They all hold still 
feeling the wind blow so real.
watching how little by little 
and more and more
the storm is rushed to perform

And just like that 
with lighting speed 
the end was cut and never seen. 
it became just one more time that light had delighted.  And because of that not one life ever felt pain by love and a coward ignited.

now all the missing drips had vanish
and whatever flesh had coming
just like that without reason...
.....had perish ...

and one day I grew the thought
of the agony i thought i had avoided...
and just like that a reality was felt
a pain that connected from the lost  
and found. feelings that love greeting 
become emotions now bleeding. 

if ever a reason for thirst,
is to look for it 
and have found it 
haven lived traversed.

Scattered wearing sad"
gave projection sense of a bad mask 
Sensitive times
co- existed 
with attitudes out of line.

almost like a wound in reverse" 
one that will arrive from inward, 
leave a mark just only backwards,
and bloodier without one been worse.

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