Poem -

Lost In Space.

A UFO hovers above my head.
Beside me it lands, and out of it our heavenly neighbours exit dressed all in red.
At me they wave and say hello.
Holy fuck my loud British voice did bellow.
Don't be afraid they all did say.
We just want to ask for directions because we have lost our way.
Where are you headed my scared voice did yell.
They replied that they've sold their souls to the devil and that they are on their way to hell.
Fucking hell said i.
The only place i know how to get to is heaven in the sky.
We know where that is they all did say.
It's a few hundred light years passed the milky way.
Hell is where we want to find.
But to its whereabouts we are visually blind.
I thought for a second and said stay here.
Here is like hell, it's full of greed hate wars and fear.
No thanks they said, here is worse than hell.
To a place like this our souls we would never sell.
Dressed all in red.
Back into outer space they did head.


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