Poem -

Love Departed

The observation of a lost man

Love Departed

He's always searching for her...

For he...the world has been a nightmare times three 
And she...could never be his oasis in the sea 

But still...such a tempting pill 
To give oneself the rush and thrill 
The push and pull 

But none of this will keep him full 

He spends his days in deep dismay 
For love he'll never keep and stay 

And when he's lost...traveled plains and rivers crossed
Fealty felt through sweat and blood 
All that's left... a taste of mud 
For in his life, what left remains... 
Remembrance of past loves and pains 

But to this day he searches on 
For love departed, forever gone

Poet's Notes: Sorry guys this was initially supposed to be a positive one haha but I want the poem to illicit emotion whether happy or sad so I reached my objective. 

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