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Love Won’t Cure You and Neither Will Zoloft

Love Won’t Cure You and Neither Will Zoloft

How am I supposed to tell the person I love most in the world that I want to die?

How am I to look into the eyes of the man who has promised me forever and tell him that I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow 

That I cannot take my own life because I cannot bear to be a disappointment one last time

That I hope to merely not wake up so they can call it an accident 

So I am not the villain in my own ending

When they say she killed herself they mean she lost

When they say suicide they mean she was a victim unto herself

Like cancer

But the papers don’t call you a fighter

They talk about what you left behind like you should feel guilty

Feel guilty for your selfish act

How dare I take my own life when you have given it so much joy

So I merely pray I don’t wake up

So you can talk about it like a disease in my head and not like a sickness in my spirit

So we can both find rest

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T Starbuck

Thank you for this piece, it touched a chord with me and my own personal struggles...a powerful theme explored in heartfelt words. I try to live in the moment...I don't want to let people down but carrying the weight of my heart is a daily struggle. Thanks again.

al Bikaadi

Omg.. I can so relate to this :'(

matthew harris

tis salutary to bare your figurative barenaked lady soul, which hanker to die not lost on this older mortal rescued (against - wishes when barely out of childhood), and now though grateful dead ness diminished, I agonize (especially when espy youth enjoy the bounty of their prowess), that this papa (deux darling demure daughters already young adults) struggles aware of much he deprived himself when walled within an impenetrable invisible jail, would shy away from suicide (no matter buzzfeeding thoughts cannot be swatted away), would emotionally devastate thee Shana Punim. Yes, your presence (if convulsed into an absence), would markedly sadden many family, friends, and even me...a stranger acutely aware, how each of our actions  (ala pinball game) affects a great many people across the world wide web.

adieu, and call out for help if necessary!