Poem -

LSA lashings

LSA lashings

Where to begin?..
The night was a cold sweat
I was seeded..
deep seeded
saturated in sin

Grease on my brow
thick goose fat
akin to the furr
of a rabid sewer rat

Curds of thought 
crudely churned 
by an ancient oxidizing antique
horse drawn plough

Hawaiian baby woodrose
with the ferocious force of a firemans hose
I felt the stinging thorns of a seductive rose
an iceberg to a ships bow

Never again....
thoughts pummeled
by gunmetal grey 
unrelenting steel ball bearing rain

LSA lashings combined
with lightning bolt flashes
aching sour thoughts 
unforgivingly rought 
with pin prick acidic puncturing pain 

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Gerard McGowan

I need some LSA, get my creative Juices flowing but I can't handle the come down.

Excellent piece Syd, 


Thank you so much Gerard. I'll send you the link for this legal seed in a PM.

- Syd


Hii ! Woahh dark and sublime!! ESP liked the line, ' stinging thorns of a seductive rose'. You express in wonderful metaphor and had to read it twice to grasp it. Kudos.

pls pleez do review/ comment my newest poem too, it's nice to hear from fellow poets for exchange of thoughts,  or else it feels like a monologue.