Poem -

Luring me in

On The 9th day of February,
2019 AD
At the hour just past 2,
Maybe nearer to 3,
I had butterflies in my stomach,
I hicuped,
And out 1 flew.
An elegant and majestic fair maiden came to see me,
With a throw of the dice,
Was it both,
she and I that was to be so lucky?
I'm hoping so,
As I was counting on the dice and the way you did throw.
Each day that we talk and weekend we explore, I love holding you and stroking your hair till you sleep and I snore😁.
 Each time we meet,
I find out so much more.
With each tug on the reel,
you're just pulling me in,
You've got me lured.
I'm hooked on your fragrance and heavenly womanly scent.
I can see from miles away,
You're a breath of fresh air,
You're heaven sent xxx

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