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Mad, sad, bad !!!

Mad, sad, bad !!!

Mad, sad, bad times for humanity
Each and every one of us is gonna struggle with sanity
In a troubled world with an infectious calamity
Staying safe from the threat of illness and fatality

The world is in a mess I am not going to lie
as I struggle for a solution and a reason why
but we have to smile through adversity though t’would be so easy to cry
as I look up to the heaven’s and pray to the sky

But we are all following our leader’s advice
with this isolation and it’s not very nice
Too many people left all alone with only the television and a mobile phone
Opening their windows and doors to feel the fresh air
Hoping wholeheartedly one is safe stuck in there

I look forward to the moment when Corvid-19 has cleared
I imagine the celebrations when one-and-all cheered
Putting behind them the fight that was frightening and feared
as we wake up to our world that is cleansed and revered ❤️

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tara septer

Wow!!! Amazing!!! I look forward to when it's all over to!! Stay safe!!

Jill Tait

Awww Thanks Tara luv ❤️💕❤️