Poem -

Man from Mexico

He came from a small town thousands of miles away. He worked in the fields all day. He worked anywhere that would give him a job. From a field to a store to to never having any food He couldnt live that way not anymore. He callled his brother told him take care of mother. I dont know when ill see you again. And then he came to the U.S. of A. It was hard but he knew Mexico would always be there. He worked hard doing granite counter tops sending money home when he could. Then he met the woman who would become his bride. Neither of them knew at the time they would be together for there whole life. Both worked hard wife a nurse and he an installer. They raised 2 daughters and bought some land then he got a new job doing solar. He then kept a promise and gave his family a home. A house built with love and his own two hands. Money was scarce but love was great and thats the way it should be built with love and not hate