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Conscious Shift

Conscious Shift

You can wait, you can bleed
you can hate, you can breed
you will fate, you will feed

I am here in this little old town
I can kill the predators for keeping a good man down

I can fade away, I can plant a seed
I can live for today, because yesterday was greed
I can sing and pray, or else tomorrow I will need

There I go again on my way up
Giving the ninth gate in a heavenly place and receiving nothing but poverty

I pour out my soul bleeding before her
and there you are standing there naked and untamed
Sure as the dark is sure of its light
There is no one listening to the bumps in the night
I had blind faith that left me blinded by the light
Sure as night is day and day is night

I can recieve a gift, and I would still give back
I can believe in a spirit lift, than energy vampires crave blood and attack
I can decieve myself with conscious shift, to find all the things that I lack

I'm not a perfect specimen on the top shelf
The mad scientist went mad trying to figure me out
I thought it would be as easy as a walk in the park
But there was only soul searching for the light stumbling in the dark
The shadows among us need the light to survive
When I lived I died when I died I came back alive
When I fell half way from me, I knew it was only up from there
who would of loved me enough to care
Who would of thought twice before leaving me in despair

I can kill it all away to survive, I can sleep without being afraid 
I can wake up every morning grateful to be alive, who would of thought I'd ever have it made in the shade
I can get through anything with thrive, I haven't fallen from grace, when I don't mind the disarray 

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