Poem -



I’m naturally beautiful 
But I rather buy and
 make myself up 
as the world 
stereotypes me
Im hidden behind an 
That feels like it’s 
not worthy
of its natural beauty 

So I put a price on myself 
to be an offer
So the world would accept me

As I looked at the woman in the mirror 
And asked me 
did I love me 
It was like reverse psychology 
Showing me
that I didn’t love me enough 

I had to do some healing 
from within 

To recognize my  
own appearance 
I didn’t realize 
my soul was on clearance 
while  I was busy
trying to  dress up 
my perfect image

The next time 
I  look  into the mirror 
And ask me 
do I love me 

It would tell me the truth 

Brutally and honestly 
I love you