Poem -


My Heart beats like a drum in ecstatic trance
My Mind overthinks like a flame flickering in the wind 
The rhythm of my worries beat me to an anxious pulp
Is he coming?

Hearts must become entwined
Love unrequited needs us
Wanting overcomes me
This is not lust

I want to feel his eyes all over me
To acknowledge that we are so close
To taste his quivering lips
To prove he is here
To touch him at last
To give away all my fears

When will we be together?
To love to hope and be as we wish
To be as one as my heart and mind needs
When will we let go?
Of each other’s past and create ones anew

Maybe before it’s too late
Before others enter the silent war and conquer me or you
Before tears can’t be a healing force
And we wilt away

Not yesterday
Today is passing
Tomorrow is even fading
I guess dreams may come true
But not unless we make a move


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