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Here is a little tale concerning Mister Hennessey 
He came from the American state of Tennessee  
Found it difficult adjusting to the English life
So decided he would take himself a wife 

She introduced her husband to culinary delights 
Fish and chips and curries on Friday nights
Mrs H also told him all about English beer  
One too many and he could end up feeling queer  

In no time at all Mister Hennessey soon cottoned on  
Those Tennessee nights forgotten and gone
He was drinking tea like all English people do 
Never getting impatient whenever there was a long queue

I guess America is like England in so many ways 
So I'm thinking he will settle here to the end of his days

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Tony Taylor

Hey KIERAN,... another compellingly humorous poetic narrative!!..... I love the light hearted flavor..... it works beautifully and adds much to the tone and charming flavor this piece is imbued with....... you're such a creative soul....ALL STARS!!..... Loved it!!......LOVE &ROCKETS!!......T xo ūüźß‚̧