Poem -


Winning through


Nature, dictates ways to mend a force here.
Instinct making truth of any matter so clear.
Heart believes what is hard won, birth right.
In midst of heat there can be no less a fight.

Staying a course, lifts mindful body to repair.
Ethic for success gives what can be a share.
Only time will tell after the fact,  all achieved.
Scares effect destined at end to truly recede.

Paths to spirit, bringing strength for purpose.
More, defined avoiding a treacherous abyss.
Scars shall display pride at being one to last.
Always others shall be respectful of the past. 

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Richard.  Scars do indeed show us that we have survived and become stronger from them....We have to respect our past in order to move forward with insight to do so...I do believe that instinct/intuition is very helpful in life if we truly listen to it and let us guide our decisions...Lots to consider from your write.  I enjoyed. xo ;)

Richard Waters

In the fight, in the struggle you find yourself. You find out about yourself. You develop yourself, to make more of life, and, what you are. In the battle there is reward. That, is plain, and simple.
Be who you should be. When, and after, encountering the worst.
Live, to improve yourself, your standing, and, your influence on those around you as well as life itself !
X X  :)