Poem -

Mothers are meticulous

Mothers are meticulous

I cannot help my overbearing consideration for you
When one is a Mother then that is exactly what we do
I won’t ask for appreciation
nor will I expect you to understand
Worrying was never in my wishes
and wasn’t something I ever planned
But from the moment I felt you flutter inside of me
a consternation of charge and responsibility
Grew just like a growth amidst my inner soul
An anxious apprehension totally out of my control

Yes I will fuss and fret and I may cause you agitation
as I overreact and overstress any given situation
Your well-being means more than the whole wide world to me
and whether you like it or not this is the way it will always be
So please don’t you give me ‘that look’ if I inquire and intrude
my intention is purely Motherly
and never meant to be rude
Of course I may call you a hundred times a day
and leave you little messages as I overplay
But Mothers are meticulous so this is what we do 
and if and when you are a Mother well you will be doing this too

As long as I shall live I will show my concern tho I do not wish for gratitude in return
I will be just like your silhouettte tho you may not see
but my shadow shall be your guiding light shining passionately
Hoping and praying for your positivity
Yet sighing and crying at any negativity
When I was your age remember I had my Mother too
and at times her worrying drove me mental and made her blue
A Mother is a child-bearer 
She naturally nurtures within her womb
And just like a tiny bud before it blossoms she yearns to see it bloom

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Cherie Leigh

Oh how I relate, Jill!  I have four children, and I just love them so much and would do anything for them to thrive and be happy...and it is such a sacrifice but the most worthy role there is to be a mother.  I enjoyed every pregnancy, every milestone, and every moment of being a mother.....and continue to feel that bond you speak of....I love this and had to pin it. xo Love n Hugs

Jill Tait

Awww I am delighted you enjoyed love and I Thank you so much for pinning my lovely caring romantic Cherie ❤️❤️❤️

Marion Price

Oh good god Jill, I can SOoooo relate to this!!!! I might not have had children if I'd known the lifelong trauma of the bloody worry honestly!!! Excellent write of real very relevent emotions ...hugs 💕