Poem -

Motion sickness

Motion sickness

memories dies in pools of blood

A hit to my neck 
Cant carry my head

High it seems ...but i did not eat nor fart the beans

Then  the rain comes in abundance like a cry of crows no wolves....sniffing air.

The old man sits in wonder rocking himself to sleep
As one say .."its defeat."

Awake ...
the others come to chatter
a claim of darkness scene....The Klan

Whispering in sorrows of their own delima or agenda

The same will smack your face into a smile....
or love ...or hate

It may be an assisted project of distractions
Looking out to my inner being of consciousness

I did not kill myself
Or am i already gone to look for death?

Or should i seek life in this emiginable world or time
of "parobeings"

Where everyday is a challange of existing

Today i had a bath
tomorrow i will bathe again
and rub my skin to live....for life is LoVe

My skin seems like a blast of beauty once lived.....on blackened hopes and dreams of speeches told

I know myself....i know how to read but can never spell my name....

Or eat the food of the devine created by men ....like a law to a crime...or a crime committed to misunderstanding ways of the believes feed upon my Souls.

As i lay to sleep i think of God
To put my heart at ease

As my Soul will find its way ....

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Tony Taylor

Hey Sir LORRIS!!.....this was such a fun read!!..... making me smile, laugh out loud, and scratch my head with perplexity.... All at the same time!!...... with some unique words and spellings all thrown in!!  These lines made me smile ~

              ~ "A hit to my neck
                  Can't carry my head ~

                 High it seems.... but I did not eat or fart the beans!"

Yours is the imagination and creativity of the unique........ALL STARS!!....... Love your style dear poet brother!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo. : )


Cherie Leigh

HI Lorris...This poem has me perplexed.  I feel a bit motion sick from the creative imagery you used to create t his one....I always enjoy reading your work. xo  ;) 

Lorris Morris

Thank you Cherie...you know i am always mixing words....my way ...still trying to entertain....i sometimes forget how to spell too....lol
thank you again