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Taking action comes first


We say we will wait until we are ready, 
We will do that thing when we are steady. 

Being ready is very different to being able, 
We have to see that if we take action just for a minute, our mindset shifts and we rewrite our fables. 

Our inner critic paralyses us and we have to tell it to be quiet, 
It stops us from living contented and happy. 
The thoughts can't be allowed to run riot. 

The gremlins creep in, the self doubt takes hold, 
And you blend into the background and never dare to be bold. 

We are all very similar and we need to see we are ONE. 

So take a deep breath and get things done. 

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Pratibha Savani

Hi Amy, Thanks for the positivity in this write. Some fab lines!
our inner critic paralyses us....
gremlins creep in....

Reminds us to keep on going and not stop!!

Simon Bromley

Very cleverly written and also very true! Well done

Tony Taylor

I agree.....in this life...."Taking Action" can be applied to almost everything!!…..like Simon said!!…..A very clever write!!…..ALL STARS!!….keep up the good works dear poet sister!!…..LOVE & ROCKETS!!…..T xo  : )