Poem -



My music keeps me sane, I am going crazy.

You'd like to say hello, but you'll have to wait,
I'm listening to my music.

If you let me listen another year, maybe I will say goodbye.
Goodbye to my music, goodbye to the songs, goodbye to the lyrics that I love to sing along. Goodbye to my room, goodbye to the depression, & goodbye to the cry-sessions.

you will drive me to insanity, no nothing wrong with you, but you words are not lyrics 
that are meant to sooth. My music keeps me sane. In order to keep my sanity I say hello again to my songs of solitary confinement and realignment, they keep me from breaking in front of you, that is something I do not want to do. You cannot see me break, so the fact is the music will stay, do not tell it to go away!...

The music stays, please, let it stay.

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Dblankportrait ...

I simply adore this because I can relate to it on so many levels😊