Poem -

My beautiful burning bonfire

My beautiful burning bonfire

Flames rising higher
from the kindling I have laid
as I stare into my fire
with two firelighters for my aid

Crackling & crunching
spitting out sparkles
making me jump
scaringly startles

Yet I adore my blaze
this inferno I have created
I am enthusiastically excited & fascinated

Mesmerised in ecstacy 
I am spellbound with stupefy
Befuddled & benumbed
flashes of flares rising high

Warmth tingles my body
such a sumptuous sensation
As I gaze in my fire with total adoration

My imagination is carried away
mystical, magical illusions I find
betwixt blazing embers that burn & sway
fabricated fantasies I invent in my mind

My beautiful burning bonfire
comforting my soul from the cold chills
A heart-warming pacifier
caressing me with tantalizing thrills


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Tony Taylor

That was lovely JILL!!...I can just envision you there with your computer in front of the fire allowing your imagination and your fingers to express yourself!!......I Liked the alliteration you used here...

             ~ "Befuddled and benumbed
                 Flashes and flares rising high...."

Cool stuff girlfriend!!.......ALL STARS!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧✴❤

Jill Tait

Aww thankyou so much Tony, much appreciated ❤️