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My Bubbly Bath

My Bubbly Bath

Ooh my hot sensual bubbly bath.. am I easily pleased ?  yet Oh my  emotional state is overwhelming appeased.. lying there lathered up in colourful bubbles, slowly but surely releasing those troubles..as hot as I can bare, squeezing the suds out of the sponge, lazily, lethargically I emerse and lunge

I shall lie here in solitude for as long as I like, yes I will wallow in this water for as long as I feel.. ecstatically in a sheer state of euphoria letting my body and soul heal..mindlessly and carelessly until I have reached my goal..I don’t need to cleanse. I was clean already.. but tensed up with anxiety and a down-in-the-dumps alittle unsteady..my pricelees personal perfection, an instant auto-correction.. 

Steamy windowed from the happiness and heat, sensational warmth from my head to my feet.. candles glowing, flames flicker amidst the steam..as I lie undisturbed betwixt my beautiful dream.. there is no where on earth I would rather be,  just my little oval bath tub and me.. ridding reality if only for a short while, I play with my pleasurable thoughts and smile.. but all good things must alas come to an end, as I pull out the plug and watch the water descend

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill!  You are talking about my favorite place to be....to get my mind and emotions on even keel....lol  I totally understand the atmosphere of taking a bath and getting to that place of relaxation that is desired.  It is a world away from the world...lol  It is a very pleasurable place to be...In fact, I just had my bubble bath before coming on Cosmo, so I am all relaxed now.  :)  Love n Hugs xo